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Cloud Nine's Planned Litters

Posted December 4, 2016

Grand Champion Cloud Nine's Maribou Feather, "Maribou" is due to have her first litter!  She has been bred to BISS GCHG Belews Les Bons Temps Rouler CA AOM "Roller"

The puppies should be here around January 19, 2017   Ultrasound has shown at least 4 pups!!

The puppies are here!!!  Born a week early on January 11, 2017

Three boys and 2 girls.  All appear to be Puffs, but the TINY boy is half the size of the others.  He is so little, but feisty and nursing like crazy, (after I tube fed him round the clock for 1 week, yawn).

Splash went to a great home, but the young boy became allergic to him!

Splash, now 7 mos

This is Splash and he now has a great home with an Agility friend of mine, so his life will be full and wonderful with her.  He has already had quite a few agility lessons and he LOVES it!!

Tiny and Butters on their skateboard
Phoebe and I at our Puppy Class graduation.  She had a great recall!!!!

POSTED: MAY 26th 2007


Gemstone Cinondra's Sheer Bliss (Chloe) and

Champion Paradice's Mystic Element, (Teddy), have produced four beautiful babies, born May 22nd, 2007! You can find more information about them here, on our puppy pages !

POSTED: MARCH 22nd 2007


Gemstone Cinondra's Sheer Bliss (Chloe)

is expecting a litter on or about May 25. She was bred to

Champion Paradice's Mystic Element, (Teddy).


Teddy has had 2 litters already to other Champion females and in both litters, he has produced predominatly female show quality puppies! From a total of 11 puppies, 8 are females. In one litter of 7 puppies, he, (and the male determines the sex of the puppies), gave rise to 5 HAIRLESS FEMALES, one Puff female and one Puff male. In his other litter, he gave rise to TWO FEMALES and two Hairless males. One of the females was a gorgeous chocolate hairless with a shock of red hair on her head, and the other female, already in a show home, is a spectacular multicolored Puff, with red, brown, black and white. Very flashy! When not red or chocolate brown in color, his puppies tend to be black and white as was his father. Either way, GORGEOUS PUPPIES are on the way soon.


Here are just a few examples of Teddy's puppies. Look for them in the ring soon, as they all went to show homes!"













Please contact Wendy for further information, and check this site for frequent updates

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