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The Girls of Cloud Nine

Gemstone Cinondra's Sheer Bliss, RN, CGC                               "Chloe"

Hairless bitch,

Slate with Creme Furnishings

Her birthday is May 23rd, 2005

Bred By: William Barnhouse, Gemstone

Owned by Wendy Ryan

Chloe- The Princess!


When I was given Teddy as a playmate for Jo Jo, I felt my home was complete. I had three large fluffy mutts and two little Cresteds – plenty of dog love for one person. But as time passed, my two old mutts, Dallas and Katie, sadly, passed too. Still, I was content with my dog pack and life was good.


Then one day at a Dog Show, Judy Umeck, a professional handler and breeder of Chinese Cresteds approached me with a litter of puppies she and Billy Barnhouse had bred. She asked me to palpate their knees to check for medial patellar luxation. I gladly obliged and began to examine the puppies. As I checked them over and palpated their knees, I kept looking back at the smallest one. Something about her called to me. I shrugged it off knowing I didn’t NEED another dog. But as the day went on, I kept going back to look at her. I couldn’t help it. Finally, I broke down and told Judy, “I WANT that little dog. I don’t need her, shouldn’t have her, but something about her little face and her EYES keeps calling to me!” Judy hesitated and said she’d think about it. After all, this wasn’t just ANY dog. Her uncle, John, a fine little black hairless, was the number six Chinese Crested that year. Her breeding was exquisite and who was I? A beginner show person. I went home dejected, but slightly relieved because once I removed myself from her presence I realized…..I don’t NEED another dog! The next day, I got the call that I could buy her and then I was joyful and panicky at the same time. I WANTED her but didn’t NEED her. So I called Patty Summers, world renowned animal communicator, to ask her why I coveted THIS little dog so much. She agreed to “talk” to her and after doing so, she told me why I had felt drawn to her. She is my Katie reincarnated!!! (I know, I know). But if you know anything about Patty Summers, you’d know she CAN talk to animals. Chloe’s little spirit was telling her, Katie’s back! So, (believe it or not), I have my Katie back, in Chloe and do I EVER love her. Patty told me to “get ready” because she is a princess. And boy was she right!! Chloe rules the house. Tiny as she is, (only six pounds), she bosses all the boys around. (Of course, they usually deserve it.)


Chloe has recently entered the dog show world and is working on her Championship, but she will have to take a break because she and Teddy just had their babies on May 22nd!! Check out the puppies page for more details!!! They are all gorgeous. Click on Chloe's fashion page to see her modeling all her fabulous fashions!

For Chloe's Full Pedigree, Please click here

Pedigree for Gemstone Cinondra's Sheer Bliss, RN, CGC


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Tri-Colored Powder Puff Bitch Annabelle's birthday is May 22nd, 2007

Bred By Wendy Ryan of Cloud Nine

Owned by Wendy Ryan

Ch Cloud Nine’s Total Eclipse                "Annabelle"


Annabelle is Chloe and Teddy's daughter  and the pick of Chloe's litter of 4.  She is something else!  Talk about reach and drive!  She almost floats when she moves, as though she has the "lift" of an Afghan.  She finished her Championship in half the time it took Teddy to do so.  Partly because she is very classic in "breed type" and partly because she moves like silk, and partly because I finally know what I am doing now.  Annabelle loves Agility and everyone she meets.  In the Spring of 2012 she was bred to Champion Gemstone's Fortunate Son and produced a litter of one.  That was little Maribou, Who is now Grand Champion Cloud Nine's Maribou Feather.  

Pedigree for Ch Cloud Nine’s Total Eclipse

For Annabelle's Full Pedigree click here


Grand Champion Cloud Nine's Maribou Feather


Introducing.....Maribou!  Annabelle's puppy with Champion Gemstone's Fortunate Son, John.   In his day, John was the number 6 Chinese Crested in the nation.  He is a handsome black and white hairless boy.  Maribou was born in June of 2012 and in a whirlwind flurry of dog shows, she quickly finished her Championship and then in a flash, her Grand Championship!  She is a flashy little girl and the most active and self-confident little puppy I've ever raised.  

For Maribou's Pedigree click here

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