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I'm sleepy in my sailors outfit!!

And this bikini?  I'm ready for the beach!

How about me in my little sundress?

Just relaxing in my new coach walking jacket.


Is this too short?


Me in my little winter sweater.  Oh!  And how do you like my fluffy bed?


Mom!! Do I really have

to wear this?

I just had to show you the back of this little dress!

 Nice, eh?

This is the totally cool back of my new Harley leather jacket.  Awesome, eh?

So, remember the cool Harley jacket?  This is me wearing it in the wind with pearls.

Fashionable?   Yes!  Over the top?  No way!!

Is my bath drawn, Darling?



Ready for a night out on the town!


Is this

too much?

Yep.  Another short and racy style.




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