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Our Males

Paradice's Jo Jo's China Bistro RE, NAJ, CGC, TDI                                            "Jo-Jo"

Black and White Powder Puff

Jo Jo's birthday is June 5, 2003

Bred By Denise Runion of ParaDice

Owned by Wendy Ryan

Jo Jo- The Pucas


The story of how I acquired Jo Jo is carefully described in our history. So I won’t repeat myself. His is quite simply, my “precious”. I got him quite by accident and he has changed my life. A firm believer in the quality of large mutts, he has changed my thinking forever. When I first started bringing him to work, my techs teased me endlessly. “Dr. Ryan with a tiny dog,” they laughed. “A little pookie!” I had to fight back, so I said, “Don’t call him a little pookie!!” But they continued. To avoid the stigma of a small prissy dog name, I declared him as not a little pookie, but The Pucas, (a word of my own design). And it stuck. He is brave, outgoing, friendly and gentle and entirely devoted to me. I am sure he would give his life for me. So, as I love and adore all my dogs, he is my heart.


He, like Reilly, has been called to audition and starred in commercials. His recent commercial for Haverty’s Furniture Stores still plays regularly. Though not a show dog, he is a star and a favorite with all he meets.

Pedigree for ParaDice's Jo Jo's China Bistro RN, NAJ, CGC TDI

                 For Jo Jo's Full Pedigree, click here

Ch Paradice's Mystic Element, RN, CGC, TDI


Red Powderpuff Male

Teddy's Birthday is July 4, 2003

Bred by Denise Runion of ParaDice Owned by Wendy Ryan

Teddy – The Studly Man


It was Jo Jo who made me want another Crested. He was so delightful and conveniently sized, (not to mention the non-shedding thing), that I called the breeder who gave me Jo Jo and asked for another. I told her I simply couldn’t have just one. She told me she’d let me have Teddy, but I had to show him in Conformation. Hmmm. The Foo Foo beauty contest kind of Dog Show? But I wanted another Crested so I agreed. (See Our History for the comedy of errors which was my first Conformation Dog Show). With time I have become, (if not stellar), somewhat experienced in the Dog Show world. Teddy has done well in spite of me. His tail NEVER stops wagging in the ring. He just LOVES it!! I’ve had judge after judge comment on his happy self-confident demeanor. Some judges have actually playfully grabbed his tail to try to stop it from slapping them in the face.


He IS a gorgeous dog. A rare combination of beauty, movement composed of fantastic reach and drive, and self assurance. And his coat…..well! I’ve been told countless times, it is THE perfect coat for the breed, silky, smooth and essentially non-matting and such a rare color as well. Teddy is a multiple Best of Breed, Best of Opposite and Best of Winners dog and he continues to win ribbon after ribbon.


By spring of 2007, Teddy had sired eleven puppies by two other Champion bitches and he has produced GORGEOUS puppies in many colors. Black and white, chocolate and auburn and even shocking red and multi-colored pups as well. He has sired eight girls out of the eleven puppies . (The male determines the sex of the puppies). Almost all of them have gone to show homes. So watch for his offspring in ring soon. They will be sure to excel.


His latest girlfriend is his little “sister”, Chloe. As they are both lovely specimens of the breed and are both Optigen clear and CERF normal, OFA excellent and of course Brucellosis tested clear, I decided to “let it happen.” Chloe gave birth to four beautiful babies on May 22nd, 2007. Two girls and two boys, all lovely puppies, and turned out to ALL be show quality as judged by Judy Umeck, a professional handler. (Brag!) So, now his total offspring number 15; with ten of them being little girls. Look for pictures here !


Teddy’s hobbies are showing up a storm in the Show ring, stealing Chloe’s food she neglects to eat, Agility, Obedience, Lure Coursing, Swimming, making puppies, and of course, going for long walks off lead around the neighborhood. He’s still awaiting his acting debut, but it’s soon to come

Pedigree for CH. Paradice's Mystic Element

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