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Reilly CGC TDI

The Story of Reilly


   Reilly was a client’s dog who got hit by a car and was deserted at my clinic at eight months of age. A gorgeous, friendly and outgoing Samoyed-Border Collie cross, who deserved better. His injury was serious. The acetabulum, the part of the hip joint which articulates with the femur, (the large upper leg bone), was broken in three places. I do surgery every day, but this was a complicated and very difficult orthopedic procedure. So I consulted with a bone surgeon, Dr. Peter Trevor. He was the best in Charlotte, and if anyone could fix it, he could. And he did!!! He spent six hours in surgery, but came out smiling and quite pleased with himself. He had not been sure he could fix it properly, but afterwards he admitted he felt he did a better job than he expected. And he sure did!   All these years,  Reilly still ran like the wind and never limped.


   Reilly has been the perfect dog. Obedient, intelligent, gentle and friendly with other dogs and people. (Squirrels may not agree. He has been a serial killer of squirrels for some time. ) He passed his CGC, (Canine Good Citizen) and TDI, (Therapy Dog International) tests easily and would have multiple titles, (like my dogs before him), if only I had the time to further his training. (My fault; my job interferes with my dog training life). His only fault was that he shed quite profusely. But hey! He WAS, after all, a normal dog.


   A few years ago Reilly got a casting call from Goody’s Clothing Store and performed beautifully. His commercial ran twenty times a day for about two months. Reilly has participated in two other commercial shoots. One for Target and one for a Dog Food company. He was quite the little actor.


  He was tolerant, if not, somewhat bemused by my little Cresteds. They lived, played and slept together, (with me), and got along famously.  Sadly, Reilly passed away at the ripe old age of 14 and a half.  He had a good life and was a very good dog.

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