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Available Puppies

While I don't currently have any puppies of my own, I know of a lovely litter of two male Powderpuff puppies in Raleigh, NC.  Cupid and Valentino are five months old and living in a large home with several other dogs.  They have a loving home with Terri and her husband and are being well-socialized.  If you are interested, please contact me, (see contact page) and I will get you in touch with Terri.  It would be nice if they could go to a home together because they truly love each other, but it is not required.  



Valentino and Cupid together.  Cupid has exotic blue eyes and is larger than Valentino.

They have both found a home!!!!

My first litter was in 2007.  Teddy and Chloe produced four show quality puppies.  All are currently in their loving home and doing well.  Annabelle is the puppy I kept and she is an AKC Champion, and her puppy, Maribou is a Grand Champion!  Their puppy pictures are below.

Pedigree for Chloe and Teddy's Puppies

                          May 2007

My second litter was in 2012 and Annabelle, (Ch Cloud Nine's Total Eclipse), and John, (Ch Gemstone's Fortunate Son),  had only one puppy, Maribou Feather, who is now a Grand Champion.  

For Ch Cloud Nine's Maribou Feather's Pedigree click here

Maribou at The Westminster Kennel Club Show

Maribou Puppy





Maribou lure coursing!  She LOVES it!!!

Maribou at the Piedmont Kennel Club Dog Show

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