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News Flash- We have puppies coming in January 2017!!!

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I have a small hobby show dog home and breed only occasionally. Of primary importance to me is quality over quantity. My dogs are all health tested prior to entering my breeding program and I research bloodlines and pedigrees before I consider a breeding. I want to produce only the best quality show dogs and pets. I strive to breed dogs with stable temperaments, overall soundness and healthy genetic makeup. My Cresteds are elegant, flashy and stylish. They are not only gorgeous to look at, but sound with proper stride, composed of beautiful reach and drive.

The best way to predict the future ………is to create it.


The puppies all have great homes!  Two of them I kept and they are now showing and winning in the ring.  And one went to an Agility home and two went to wonderful loving family homes

Pic of the week

​Hi!  I'm Annabelle!!!  Wendy's second AKC Champion.  I had a litter of one, 2 years ago and little Maribou, my daughter is now  a Grand Champion!

Puppy comments

​Hey!  I'm Maribou, the Grand Champion puppy.  I am now going to start on my Agility career and start learning how to weave, go through tunnels, over jumps, and A-frames, and such.  I'm FAST!!


My dogs are all sound in temperament and health tested for perfect organ systems, eyes, ears, conformation, and bone structure. I use Optigen testing, CERF testing and OFA testing and certification on all of my breeding dogs. As well, I test all of my dogs for Brucellosis before breeding. My puppies are born and raised in my home, not a kennel. They are heavily socialized from the beginning to produce a puppy with an outgoing and confident personality. I am also heavily involved in the rescue of Cresteds in need of a loving and forever home. As a veterinarian, I have access to a wonderful client base. To date, I have placed over 104 Cresteds in wonderful, devoted and loving homes. Ironically, ninety percent of the time, the client who receives a Crested from me, calls within a month or so and asks for another one. (They ARE like potato can’t have just one.) I am, in fact, just trying to “spread the joy” of owning a Crested. I recently received an award for “Dedication and Commitment to Excellence in Breeder Referral” by the Tar Heel Chinese Crested Club for placing so many happy Cresteds in wonderful, loving homes. I hope to place many more in the future. Please check my page on Adoptable Cresteds if you have an interest. Thank you for visiting my website. Drop by anytime as there are sure to be some changes made as time goes by. Whether you acquire a Crested from my home or others, you will be sure to love and adore your new puppy. I appreciate and enjoy all my dogs for their uniqueness. They each contribute, in their own special way, to the joy and fullness of my life. I strive to do the same for them as well.

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